Car Insurance Questions and Answers

Who is a Covered Driver on a Car Insurance Policy?


The Named Insured(s) and those listed under "Additional Drivers" on the car insurance policy are considered to be covered drivers.  Most insurance companies today, before they actually bind your car insurance, will require all persons living in the same household either be listed on the policy as permissible drivers or excluded drivers. This allows your insurance company to properly underwrite and correctly charge for each person in the house who has access to your vehicle.  Very often drivers are excluded when they have a bad driving record and would otherwise cause your insurance rates to be too high. Excluding household members in that case could be a great way to save money on car insurance.

When Does Coverage Actually Begin?


Does coverage begin the moment I sign the application? Usually no. After selecting which car insurance quotes to buy, insurance companies will typically issue a Binder of Insurance containing the date and time of signing, along with ID Cards. However, if you read closely, some state that coverage does not begin until 12:01 AM Local Time the next day. Other insurance companies will begin covering you from the date and time you sign the application. Be sure you understand this before you sign any kind of insurance application.

How Do I Know What's Covered by My Auto Insurance Policy?


To really know what is covered by the auto insurance quotes you are considering, or maybe the policy you just bought, in the absence of an insurance agent, look closely at the Declarations Page of the policy. This page lays out line-by-line each of the types of coverage available. This does not always mean you have each of these coverages. So how will you know? Look for a dollar amount charge next to each type of insurance coverage for each car.  Simply put, if no money was charged, you likely do not have that particular coverage line item. 

What if I use My Car for Work or In Business?


Most personal car insurance companies understand that we use our cars for commuting to work and back, and so personal car insurance policies are designed to cover us for commuting to and from work or school. 

Even driving fellow employees to grab lunch from time to time is perfectly understandable. 

However, if you regularly use your car for business purposes other than commuting to and from work, that must be disclosed in a car insurance application or you may risk losing coverage.

Do I Need Comprehensive or Collision Coverage?


Car insurance FAQs No. 1 most frequently asked question is this.  What is the difference between Comprehensive and Collision coverage. Most of us would like to have both. But do we always need both when calling around to get those car insurance quotes? 

Simply put, Collision coverage, if you have it, pays for repairs to your car, minus your collision deductible, if you are in a car accident which was your fault. Let's face it, if your car is older and not worth much it may be a waste of money to carry collision insurance. But if you have a nicer, newer car that's worth a lot of money or you're still paying off a car loan, then you will certainly want to carry Collision insurance coverage.

Compare quotes and decide for yourself.

When wondering about Comprehensive coverage, think everything else. This coverage is for when your car is not moving, not in motion. Comprehensive covers your car for things like damage as a result of a flood, or from a fire, or from a break-in, or if it's completely stolen, and will pay for the cost to repair the damage, or possibly even replace your car minus depreciation and minus your Comprehensive deductible. 

*Please be sure to read all car insurance policies to fully understand its unique details which could differ and ask your insurance agent if you need help.

What Discounts are Available and How Do I Get Them?


When customers understand this, everybody benefits. Yet many insurance agents do not tell you about all of the discounts available when buying insurance. The biggest one is the multi policy discount you receive for buying both home insurance (or renters insurance) and auto insurance from the same company. And some carriers give you the discount on both policies, not just one. Many other discounts are available when buying car insurance so be sure to inquire when you're first getting car insurance quotes, before making the purchase.