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First we'll go over Life Insurance basics, along with tips & advice everyone needs to know.

Quick Tips about Life Insurance

There are several kinds of Life Insurance policies you can buy and each one is very different and designed for different needs. Each are great tools when it comes to financial planning and are essential for everyone, regardless of age, occupation, or marital status.  Why?

Consider how life insurance works. At the time of death, and let's say you are a money-earning supporter of your household, your death creates a financial crunch on the other members of the household who count on your financial assistance. Life insurance in this case is very highly advised so that your loved ones do not suffer financially on top of  suffering emotionally, and do not lose their home.

An insurance company will then pay the beneficiary the sum amount of the life policy at the time of the insured's death. You can get life insurance quotes here or elsewhere, wherever is easier. And there are many sites which offer quotes, but websites are the most convenient. We cannot always predict death so it is important you insure yourself while you're still healthy and in turn you protect your loved ones.

There are many life insurance companies in US and some of the well-known life insurance companies are Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and New York Life where you can get life insurance quotes, and they are all free. Some life insurance quotes are high while compared to others, so it is advised to get as many life insurance quotes as possible and then compare and take a decision. Always remember to provide all the information about you, family, occupation etc to the life insurance company correctly. If the life insurance company finds any wrong information has been provided, then it could cancel the policy.

There are two types of life insurance, one is term life insurance and the other one is permanent life insurance. You can get term life insurance quote as well as permanent life insurance quote from life insurance advisers whom you can contact through phone or invite to your office or residence and get the required information. Once you receive a few life insurance quotes, you can select the best one and apply for a life insurance policy. Your application would usually be processed within a week.

What is Term Life Insurance?


Term life insurance should never be complicated. In fact, Term Life is one of the easiest types of life insurance to understand. And with our help, you will quickly see what we mean. 

A term life insurance policy is in effect for a specific term, hence the name. The length of time for the term can vary based on your needs. For example, typical term life policies last 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years. 

The face amount is the coverage amount that gets paid out to whomever you chose in the unfortunate event of loss of life.

Term life policies are not only very affordable but because they are so affordable term life insurance policies are the most popular of all life insurance products.

Affordability is the upside. The downside is that a term life policy typically does not build cash value.

However, you can also buy a term life insurance policy that has a return of premium endorsement option. At the expiration of the term, let’s say it is a 10-year term life insurance policy, you will be returned most of the money you paid in to it. Some money is withheld by the insurance company to cover the cost of insurance, but it’s normally only around 5-10% and you get back 90-95% of what you paid in to it over the 10 year term, for example, removing the downside of term life insurance. Wouldn’t you agree?

Speak to one of our agents toady about a term life insurance policy that's right for your situation, and get your personalized evaluation. 

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How many life insurance companies can I get quotes from?

We feature over a dozen life insurance companies all of which offer quoting to qualified applicants with online applications.

Yes, Of the carriers featured most offer term, whole, and universal life insurance policies. Some only offer term life insurance while others offer an instant-issue life insurance product to those who qualify.

Some types of life policies are called Instant Issue. While other Life insurance policies take a little more time to underwrite. You'll need to fill out the application online to find out, and if it is Instant Issue, it will accept payment at the same time. However it generally takes time for the life insurance company to complete testing of your vital signs, finalize all paperwork, and approve the application. For those life insurance policies that are not instant issue life policies, only after your application has been approved will the insurer be able to process a payment.

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Health Insurance FAQs

How to find affordable health insurance after losing or quitting your job?

In the past, rising Health insurance costs have made it hard for people to leave their current employment and move out on their own.  But today it seems that finding affordable individual or family medical coverage is not as hard as it was.

Perhaps the trick to finding low cost health insurance lies in the way we view and shop for health care coverage.

Are we looking to have every last detail covered and all we pay is our monthly premium? Hopefully not.

Today it helps tremendously if we bear some of the health costs in addition to paying a monthly premium or else the monthly cost is just too pricey.

Here are some tips, and also some new ways to look at Health Insurance shopping when you quit, get laid off, or fired from your job and wish to start shopping online for your own health insurance policy without paying an arm and a leg.

If you’re married and your spouse has healthcare coverage, consider adding yourself to his or her policy.

Maybe you’re not legally married but you live with your lover / Domestic Partner / Significant Other. Many States now have plans allowing you to get coverage even if you're not legally married and even if you’re not gay or lesbian. Domestic Partner coverage or Significant Other coverage may be the trick. Investigate this option.

California’s domestic partners law even requires an extension of benefits by health care companies. For example, if a company sells a health insurance policy in CA then they must also offer domestic partner coverage as well.

However, if one works for a company headquartered outside of California and the policy is issued in another state, even though it insures individuals in California they need not extend coverage to Domestic Partners because the health insurance policy was not issued in California.

And believe it or not, there are still those health insurers who will deny coverage to non-married heterosexual couples. The rationale they use is this: Because heterosexual couples have the option to marry and same sex couples do not, then heterosexual couples should not need help with such an extension of coverage.

And of course there are still states that will consider common-law marriage as a recognized union (or marriage) once two people have lived together for a certain amount of time and thus they will extend coverage to them.

Texas is a State that recognizes common law marriages and gives those people eligibility for health insurance under their partner’s policy.

Just remember that laws vary from State to State and even vary sometimes from insurer to insurer.

If you’re attending a University or College, you can usually get affordable health coverage through your school, or you may be eligible under a parent’s policy once you provide proof of enrollment.

Another way that entrepreneurs have been able to find affordable health care coverage when leaving a job has been to join an organization that has a sponsored group plan.

And if none of these methods work, you can always view health insurance differently when buying your own coverage. For example, tradition plans you may have been used to cover you for the majority of the expenses and all you had to pay was a small co-pay upon each visit.

Now, look at PPO plans that have a large deductible each year. For example, a PPO plan that has a $2,500 deductible, Annual Out of Pocket maximum, means that you plan to pay all of your health care costs up to $2,500/year. By purchasing a plan such as this you drive your monthly expense down considerably, and in the end it can make your health care costs much, much more affordable.

And once you find a plan you can afford, it may be time to quit that job that only provides you the satisfaction of employer-paid health insurance and start your own company.


Why Do You Need Health Insurance? First Find the Best Health Insurance Quotes.

Health insurance policies provide you with much needed financial security in unforeseeable times of health related emergencies.  

HEALTH IS WEALTH, an old saying that expresses profound truth. But there is another truth that you just cannot deny and that is the health of you and your family members can suffer major setbacks at any time. And when that happens, you are suddenly in need of financial support to meet your ever-increasing medical expenses, hospital bills, ER bills, planned operations and surgery charges, doctor fees and so on. A health insurance policy can easily take care of these financial emergencies by providing medical health insurance coverage for you and your family.

If you want to avoid running into huge debts in situations like an accident or a major illness like cancer then get a health insurance plan, which some call medical insurance, covering all kinds of major medical expenses for you and your family. In many cases the company that your spouse or you are working for provides optional group medical insurance plans from which to choose. But if you are interested in making your own decisions while still looking for viable health insurance options separately for you and your family, you may want to consider the individual and family plan coverage options in the private market, whether it is on or off of the exchange. 

On exchange is when you buy health insurance through Obama Care, the Affordable Health Care Act, in which the government subsidizes your premiums if you qualify.

Off exchange is for those who do not qualify, meaning they make above the federal income guidelines disqualifying them from ObamaCare's government subsidy. 

There are different types of health insurance policies to meet the specific needs of individuals, families, small businesses, students or self-employed people. You can also opt for a short-term policy, travel medical insurance, or special insurance policies such as medicare supplemental, disability or long-term care health insurance.

As medical technology advances, health care facilities are becoming more and more costly along with prescription drugs. Not surprisingly, health insurance policies too are becoming more pricey. Generally two vital factors determine how expensive it will be to maintain an insurance plan covering the specific medical needs of you and your family.

  • The particular state/city where you live determines to a large extent how much premium you will pay annually. This in turn depends on the cost of medical care and prescription drugs in that particular state/city, and also on the number of compulsory health benefits provided with each type of health insurance plans in that locale. So if you reside in an expensive state/city where the price of medical care is quite high then be ready to pay a higher premium.
  • Your age and health conditions. If you are old and ill and are looking for health insurance plans offered by non-employer sponsored private insurance companies then that will obviously cost you more as well.

However, there are numerous top-rated health insurance companies offering some of the best lowest price health insurance quotes online. You can check out the various online health insurance websites offering such attractive instant, free health insurances quotes, compare different quotes side-by-side and select the one that perfectly suits your needs as well as your pocket. You’ll need to fill out a questionnaire form online, specifying your health insurance needs. After reviewing that form those websites typically offer you instant free quotes on health insurance policies from numerous medical insurance or medi-claim companies in your local area.

Remember that annual premiums and benefits of each type of medical health insurance will vary. So before deciding upon a particular type of health insurance plan like a PPO, HMO, or EPO, it is very important that you specifically analyze the exact insurance needs of yourself or your family or your business in consultation with a good health insurance agent.


Health Insurance - Don't Worry About Medical Bills Anymore

Even if you are healthy and fit, don’t think there is no need to worry. 

A person can develop health problems at any time.  

Medical expenses can leave a big hole in your pocket, so it is advisable to insure your health by paying a premium and saving oneself from huge expenses. 

If you do have health problems then the heath insurance company can pay for the treatment once you are insured. The premium, which you pay, depends upon the policy type, coverage, time period etc.

Most people think that people working in a particular industry (such as asbestos, cement etc) need health insurance and others would not require them, this is not the case. A person could be from any industry and still have health problems, so his or her health needs to be insured. You can get health insurance quotes from many websites. There are many other sources to get health insurance quotes, such as over the phone, visiting health insurance advisers etc. 

You can get a health insurance quote from various health insurance websites and that too is totally free. But you will need to fill out an online form after you have evaluated these insurance quotes online or in an email.

A person who wants to buy a health insurance should get as many health insurance quotes as possible, compare them and then decide on the most suitable health insurance. Depending on your area, some well known health insurance companies to look for are Anthem, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente, HealthNet, Advocate Health Care, CareMore, WellPoint, Aetna, United Healthcare, etc. You can get health insurance for yourself or for your whole family. If you buy health insurance for your whole family then may receive a discount. You can also read reviews of health insurance and get more information about health insurance companies. There are various types of health insurance policies and you can select the best suitable one. 

By insuring yourself and your family you need not worry about medical bills anymore 

as the insurance company will take care of all of those medical bills for you

giving you the peace of mind you deserve.


More Health Insurance FAQs

What kind of health insurance does ensurance offer?

ensurance offers online health insurance quotes for both personal and business health insurance. On the personal side we offer student, individual or family health insurance and dental insurance. Medicare is another insurance product we offer for seniors looking for health insurance. Group health insurance is offered for businesses looking at getting medical insurance for their company.

Does ensurance offer both HMO and PPO health insurance?

Yes, many of the healthcare insurance providers that we feature have many  HMO and PPO plans from which to choose.

How many health insurance providers are there?

There are many health insurance providers from which to choose depending on your area.  We bring you as many choices as possible when selecting your health insurance. 

Can I purchase my health insurance policy today and use it tomorrow?

Open enrollment begins on November 1st or 15th depending on your area, and is the best time to sign up for a new individual or family health insurance policy which can begin on January 1st. There are exceptions however that allow you to sign up outside of the normal open enrollment period.  Ask your insurance agent for a list of those exceptions which include things like, loss of job/loss of coverage, marriage, divorce, pregnancy, etc. Once approval has been given, your health insurance provider will notify you of the effective start date for your new health insurance policy.

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